How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

The question of how much to spend on an engagement ring worries couples, relationships become more serious, but in different ways.  Newborns worry about their loved ones not overspending on a ring, while others worry about being disappointed on one of the most important days of their lives.  On the other hand, grooms may be embarrassed, seeking to please their brides, but doubting their financial capabilities.  Rules such as "three months' salary", "one month's salary to save" or "two months' salary, sharing expenses" may be flagged for some and useless for others.  It is important to consider several possible outcomes about the cost of an engagement ring.

There is no rule about the price of the ring

There is no fixed amount to spend on an engagement ring. Install it yourself.  If we look at different cultures and socio-economic groups around the world, we see a wide range of prices for engagement rings.  Every woman is unique and one may prefer a large stone while another is looking for a modest and simple ring.  It is possible to find a large stone for less money, and vice versa, so the choice depends on the choice of the future bride.  First of all, it is the determination of the budget, and, if necessary, it will be necessary to choose between the size, color, quality, opening or design of the rings.  It is important not to panic about the fact that diamonds and engagement rings are huge sums and not feel compelled to spend that much money.  If you have the ability and desire to spend more, then that's great, but don't go into debt because of it.  Financial problems can only begin a life together and affect the length of time.

Rising prices for engagement rings

In recent years, questions have been raised about the causes of such phenomena.  First, the popularity of gems. Wedding rings, especially those using diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones, have always been a symbol of luxury and prestige.  With the growing interest in jewelry and the increase in demand for them, the prices of these stones are also increasing. Jewelry also requires materials such as gold, platinum and silver.  Prices for these metals are expected on the world market.  If the cost of manufacturing products, then it is quality for the price of jewelry.

Many buyers enjoy high quality engagement rings with good cuts and designs.  The creation of such products requires great skill and time on the part of jewelers, which is noticeable in their cost.

Why do people spend big money on engagement rings?

Many people are willing to spend large sums on an engagement ring. Many people want it to be something special and unforgettable. They are ready to invest in the symbolic meaning of the ring.  And for some people this is an objective wealth, it becomes an opportunity for their status and material wealth.

Moreover, many people took advantage of the acquisition.  They believe that gems and precious metals account for and even supply their value over time.  Therefore, they are willing to spend large sums on the ring in the hope of future financial growth.  And finally, this is all the same desire and expectation of a partner, if the bride or groom expresses preferences or has an increased expectation from the ring, then the other partner may be ready to spend more money to realize these wishes and create joy for his half.

In natural terms, the cost of an engagement ring is a subjective and individual choice for each couple.  There are no hard and fast rules or calculation of the amounts that should be used.  It is important to take into account the important parameters, the desire of the partner and the emotional stimulus, in order to make a choice that will be pleasant and receptive to partners.

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