Diamonds can be highly sought after gemstones, but their value is highly dependent on marketing, supply and demand.  In fact, there are many other gemstones that are just as rare or even rarer than diamonds.

For example, the gemstone tanzanite. While factors such as appearance and durability affect the value of a stone, rarity should logically have a larger impact on price. But the advantage of this reality is that diamonds are easier to find, but they are many times more expensive.  And a stone like tanzanite is more affordable, but not so easy to find.  In this article, we will make interesting comparisons between these two stones.


It is the hardest known natural material composed of carbon.  It is considered one of the most precious stones in the world, thanks to its beauty and brilliance, it has become a favorite stone for all girls and future brides.  Diamonds are widely used in jewelry such as rings, earrings and necklaces.  The cost of diamonds depends on their quality, and when choosing, there are several main factors to consider, including color, clarity, cut and carat weight.  They are known as 4Cs.  Diamonds can be not only colorless, but also colored: yellow, blue, black, green, pink and red.


Tanzanite is a semi-precious stone that was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania.  It belongs to the zoisite mineral group and has a rare blue or purple color called "tanzanite".  The stone is very rare and is found only in one place on the planet, which makes it more valuable than many other gems.  Tanzanites are often used to make jewelry and give them a unique look due to their unusual coloration.  They are also considered a symbol of high status and luxury.

The color of tanzanite depends on the impurities in the crystal lattice of the mineral.  Most tanzanites have a blue color with varying degrees of saturation, which is due to the presence of microscopic amounts of vanadium in the crystals.

Tanzanites are often heat treated to improve their color and brightness.  Usually the process consists in heating the stone to a certain temperature, which leads to a change in its molecular structure and an increase in color saturation.  Heat-treated stones are considered more desirable and more expensive than untreated tanzanites.  Those tanzanites that are found with an already saturated color require very high prices.

In terms of strength, tanzanite ranks 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, unlike diamond, which ranks 10th.

Why do many people choose a diamond?

People choose diamonds as jewelry for several reasons.  Firstly, diamonds are considered a symbol of wealth, luxury and status, which is why they are very popular among people who want to impress others.  Secondly, diamonds are extremely hard and durable stones, making them a practical choice for everyday wear.  Thirdly, thanks to their unique play of light, diamonds have exceptional aesthetic appeal and are among the most beautiful gemstones.

Why Tanzanite?

People may choose tanzanite over diamond for several reasons.  First, tanzanite has its own unique blue color and can be a strong competitor to blue sapphires and blue diamonds.  Secondly, tanzanite is a rarer stone than diamond, which can attract collectors and people who value uniqueness and exclusivity.  Thirdly, tanzanite may be more affordable than diamond, as it is produced in only one place on Earth.  Also, many people choose tanzanite as it is a solid stone that can have a high degree of clarity and brilliance, making it an excellent choice for jewelry.

Two worlds of gems

The comparison of diamond and tanzanite does not have a clear answer. Both stones have their advantages and disadvantages. Diamonds are the pinnacle of gemstones, while tanzanite sits somewhere at the bottom of the hierarchy. However, if you are looking for a stone with an unusual color at an affordable price, then tanzanite may be a better choice than diamond, which may not be suitable for specific needs. It is important to note that tanzanite is less durable and does not have the brilliance, clarity, and fire of diamond, but has an amazing color and will delight you for years to come. 

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