In the month of December, there are not one, not two, but three stones associated with the date of birth, and they have one thing in common - they are all blue.  Blue is the symbol of December, and people born this month can choose from three gorgeous stones: turquoise, blue topaz, and tanzanite.  Like blue diamonds, each of these stones has its own unique features, history and natural beauty.  Let's take a closer look at these gems and their role in contemporary jewelry.


Turquoise is a gemstone with a distinctive blue color that is often associated with Turkish jewelry and culture.  It is one of the oldest known gemstones and has a rich history and symbolic meaning.

Turquoise is formed mainly in desert regions where the appropriate geological conditions are present.  Its color can vary from pale blue to deep dark blue.  The stone is known for its texture and opacity, sometimes with black, gray or brown veins.

Turquoise has a long history of being used in jewelry and ritual objects by various cultures, including ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, and Persians.  He is credited with mystical and healing properties, and is also considered a symbol of happiness and protection from negative energies.

Blue topaz

Blue topaz is a gemstone with a vibrant blue or blue-green hue.  It draws attention with its brightness and transparency, making it a popular choice for jewelry.  It is formed as a result of natural irradiation of colorless or pale blue topaz.  This allows it to acquire an attractive blue color.  Shades can vary from light blue to deep blue.  The stone is considered a symbol of purity, tranquility and inner harmony.  It is associated with clarity of thought, communication, and emotional well-being.  It is also considered a stone that attracts success and prosperity.


Tanzanite was discovered and got its name in Tanzania, which gives it a special appeal and uniqueness.

It is distinguished by its brightness and color intensity.  Its hue can vary from light blue to deep blue-violet.  Often there are stones with the phenomenon of pleiha (play of light), which, under certain conditions of artificial lighting, display a variety of colors.

The stone is considered a symbol of luxury, nobility and elegance.  It is associated with clarity of thought, inspiration and spiritual development.  Tanzanite is also considered a stone that attracts prosperity and positive energy.  It is widely used in jewelry, especially rings, necklaces and bracelets.  Its beautiful and eye-catching color makes it a popular choice for creating jewelry that adds elegance and expression.

December borns have several options for blue birthstones to choose from.  Traditional birthstones for the last month of the year are blue zircon and lapis lazuli.  These stones are both blue in color, but have significant differences.  Blue zircon has a similar crystal structure to tanzanite, while lapis lazuli is closer in texture to turquoise.  December birthstones are available not only for those born this month, but also for anyone who is attracted to the color blue.

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