Alexandrite stone

The alexandrite stone is becoming increasingly popular in the jewelry and gemstone industry. While diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are traditionally the gemstones of choice, many seek alternatives for economic reasons or a desire to be unique.

Alexandrite stone is a real miracle of nature, capable of changing color depending on the lighting.  Its greenish hue during the day can turn to reddish in the evening, making jewelry with this stone unique and eye-catching.  This gem got its name in honor of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, and its first samples were found in the Urals in the 1830s.  Since then, alexandrite has become famous all over the world and has gained immense popularity among jewelers and collectors.

Stones over 8 carats, although impressive in size, are not particularly valuable due to the fact that it is impossible to see the bright color transition in large stones.  Therefore, stones up to 2 carats in size are of the greatest value, which best demonstrate the ability of alexandrite to change color.  However, stones over 2 carats are considered rarer and are in high demand.

Ring with Alexandrite

Such decoration is one of the most popular with this stone.  There are rings that combine alexandrite with other precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds or sapphires.  They look more classic and elegant.

These rings can be made from a variety of metals, including gold, platinum, and silver.  The choice of metal depends on the preferences and budget of the buyer.

Earrings with alexandrite

It is something elegant and sophisticated, such decoration can be both simple and sophisticated in design.  One of the popular ones are stud earrings with one or more small alexandrite stones.  These earrings can be worn in everyday life and at special events.

Another option is hook earrings, in which the stone can be adorned with additional small diamonds or other precious stones.  These exquisite earrings can be a great addition to an evening dress or a cocktail dress.

Necklaces with Alexandrite stone

This jewelry can be a great addition to any outfit.  Due to the unique ability of the stone to change color depending on the lighting, an alexandrite necklace can be very attractive and attract the attention of others.  The necklace can be made in different styles and designs.  You can choose a necklace with one large alexandrite stone that will be the center of attention, or several smaller stones that will play in the light.

Moreover, alexandrite necklaces can be made in different metals such as gold, silver or platinum and set with additional stones such as diamonds or emeralds to add even more sparkle and beauty.

Bracelet with Alexandrite stone

Alexandrite bracelets can be combined with any number and type of other gemstones, just like other types of alexandrite jewelry.  The bracelet can be graceful and elegant, combining diamonds and alexandrites, or be more massive, consisting of large alexandrites and other stones.  The choice of options is huge, so everyone can choose something suitable for themselves.

While the word "alexandrite" may not be as widely known as other gemstones, it is certainly of interest to jewelry lovers and collectors.  Its beauty is truly unique and unparalleled among other gemstones.  Each piece of alexandrite jewelry is a work of art.

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