The Seven Keystones of the World's Largest Diamond

Although diamonds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, there is one diamond that surpasses all others in its impressive size and rarity.  This is a rough colorless diamond that weighs an incredible 3,016 carats and is 10.1 centimeters high.  From this powerful stone, seven magnificent base stones were created.  Discovered in 1905 at the Premier Mine in Southern Europe, this diamond was named after Thomas Cullin, the chairman of the mining company that went for this magnificent stone.

Stones derived from the Cullinan diamond

  • Cullinan I (Star of Autumn): It is part of the British Crown Collection and adorns the Rod of Justice.
  • Cullinan II (Zulikat): This 317.4 carat fat is also part of the British Crown Collection and is part of the Royal Order of Butt and the Golden Jubilee Globe.
  • Cullinan III (Scroll): This 94.4 carat stone is also part of the British Crown Collection and is used in a variety of jewelry.
  • Cullinan IV (Wand): With a weight of 63.6 carats, the diamond can be seen in the crown of St. Edward, as well as in other royal jewelry.
  • Cullinan V (Pavilion): This 18.8 carat fat is also part of the British Crown Collection and adorns the royal tiara.
  • Cullinan VI (Perfection): This 11.5 carat stone was set in Queen Mary's royal sash.  It has the shape of an ellipse and exceptional purity.
  • Cullinan VII (Shimmer): This 8.8 carat diamond adorns a royal hairpin and is cushion shaped.

The Cullinan diamond is famous for its white-blue color and exceptional clarity.  When the rough diamond was discovered, its beautiful appearance alone was found to indicate the possibility of an even larger size.  After that, the diamond was sent to London, where King Edward VII examined it.

Although many potential buyers present this stone, the Cullinan diamond is in the rough, as no one knew how to most intelligently cut it.  Ultimately, it was decided to donate the diamond to King Edward VII, who entrusted its processing to I. J. Ussher of Amsterdam.

From the huge number of diamonds, the number of main diamonds was excluded.  Two of them became part of the Crown Jewels: one was set on top of the Sovereign's Scepter, and the other in the crown of the Imperial State.  The remaining seven diamonds were set in various settings for Queen Mary, wife of King Edward VII.

Thus, the Cullinan diamond has become not only a symbol of luxury and beauty, but also a wonderful royal collection that adorns royal regalia and crown jewelry.  Its story of appearance and brilliance continues with people all over the world.

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