Is it safe to buy custom jewelry online?

The attitude toward online shopping has changed forever!


Where once many people were hesitant to buy online, now thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic revolution in online shopping, you can now buy anything and not have to worry about your purchase. Never before have so many people bought jewelry online.


We will help you enjoy the pleasure of creating your precious jewelry without visiting stores, diamond exchanges and be calm and confident in the quality of the precious stone.


How do I buy jewelry online safely?


-  Gather information from different sources.

Entrepreneurs who aim to work long term value their own reputations and try to strengthen them. Look at the quality and content of the online store's website and social media, and study reviews on third-party resources.


Pay attention to the type of goods the company works with.

Depending on the license, the dealer can sell: diamonds, colored gemstones, stones only as part of jewelry.


Check out the pricing policies of different dealers. 

Choose several specialists you like and find out the prices of the product you are interested in. Ask for an explanation of how the price is formed. A low price does not necessarily indicate fraud, because the main task of the dealer is precisely to find the best possible bargains. However, be wary of such copies and be sure to ask for a certificate. ( More about certificates here link)


- Ask for more photos and videos of the gemstone.

The poor quality of photos and refusal to take videos in different lighting conditions (artificial and daylight) may be a reason to stop communicating with this seller.


What are the benefits of buying custom jewelry online?


1) A Wide Selection


For your custom jewelry, we can provide you with a wide selection of gemstones online. You can choose from a wider selection without having to spend a lot of time and energy looking for it. 

Our gemstone research and selection service is free of charge, which saves you the trouble of finding the right gemstone if there isn't one on the market.

2) Best prices


  Online jewelry prices are much lower than retail stores because of lower overhead.

  This price reduction is not only due to stiff competition, but also because the website requires much less maintenance than a regular store.

 You can save a lot of money buying online!

  It's also easier to compare prices from different stores, allowing you to find the best prices worldwide.


3)High quality


 To find a really good deal, it is important to have a basic knowledge of the characteristics of gemstones and their pricing.

 You need to know what's available on the market to find the best value for your money and to understand what gemstone certification is, how it is done and why it is needed.

When you buy online, our team will do it all for you!


4) Individual approach to design development 


You can contact us at your convenience to purchase a gemstone and develop a design.

We will continue to search for the perfect gemstone for your jewelry until you are satisfied 

We will be with you every step of the process of creating your perfect jewelry, answering all your questions, and making the process enjoyable and easy.


5) Secure purchase, payment system and delivery 


The safety of buying jewelry online these days is undeniable. Various payment systems are very advanced and it is difficult to counterfeit money with them. In addition, you can track your parcel online once it has been sent. This way, you will always know where your parcel is and when it will be delivered. 


There is a company called Brinks inspection ( that provides a secure online shopping service.

They work as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.  After the Company sends the customer the precious item, the parcel arrives at the Brinks office. The parcel is opened in front of the buyer to check the contents. Payment is made after the customer is satisfied that everything is okay.


We will offer the most satisfying delivery option, so that you could be sure your piece is safe and sound.


Why is it safe to order precious jewelry from Kantor Jewelry?


Two important priorities of our company:

-       reasonable price 

-       high quality gemstone


Our experts will help you find the right gemstone for your budget. If you buy a gemstone not from our selection, we will help you  find it on the world gemstone market at a reasonable price. 


Buying a gemstone at a diamond exchange may not always be safe. We are happy to do all the work for you and find your perfect gemstone. 


 Kantor Jewelry only works with high quality natural gemstones. We guarantee their authenticity and investment potential by providing you with a certificate from the GIA Gemological Laboratory. 


Enjoy online shopping with Kantor Jewelry! 


Nowadays buying gemstones online has become the norm rather than the exception. It is an opportunity to buy gemstones all over the world, choosing the most profitable options. There is no need to give it up!