About us

Kantor Jewelry is a bespoke jewelry studio that is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and works internationally

Starting as a family business led just by our founder Larion Kantor and his wife Inna, it quickly grew into a boutique studio with the best specialists in the gemstone and fine jewelry industry, creating jewelry for clients from all over the world.

We search for the best gemstones from all over the world to make truly exceptional jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also valuable. We work only with the highest quality natural gemstones, so we guarantee their authenticity and investment potential.

Our mission

We believe that jewelry should be as unique as people who wear it, as those moments and emotions that have inspired us to create exceptional art pieces.

We want the entire process of creating your bespoke jewelry piece to be an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

Using the best modern jewelry making technology has to offer, we take your idea and create each piece of jewelry customized specifically for you.

We will be guiding you through each step of the process of creating your personalized piece with full transparency, answering all the questions you may have and tell you everything you want to know about our work.

We specialize in precious colored gemstones as well as white and colored diamonds. Our name and hummingbird logo carry a symbolic meaning - Kantor means ‘singer’ in Hebrew, and a bird is known for being nature's singer while a hummingbird is commonly called “a flying jewel”.

Didn't find the one you were looking for?

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