Green gemstones

The splendor of green gems: emeralds, diamonds, sapphires. We have a wide selection of both precious and semi-precious green stones! Each stone has its own play of light - diamonds shine, and emeralds have a warmer and softer surface. Colors also predominate - there are slight and rich dark shades of green. In the following article we will look at different kinds of green precious stones, their cultural and spiritual significance, and their use in jewelry.

The symbolism of green

The green color in gemstones can symbolize different meanings in different cultures and traditions. In some cultures, green is associated with nature, fertility, life and spring awakening. In other cultures, green flowers are associated with wealth, luxury and abundance.  In crystal therapy, green is associated with the heart chakra and it is generally accepted that the use of natural resources is associated with the harmony of the emotional state.

Green color energy

It is believed that the green color absorbs regulating calories, regulates the concentration of stress and fatigue.  It can also help restore balance to the human energy field and stimulate growth and development.  In crystal therapy, natural stones such as emerald, jade, green tourmaline, and green amethyst are used to heal the heart chakra, as well as the overall development of the immune system and the development of physical and emotional health.

Symbolism and energy of green gems

Green stones are widely used in jewelry and are valued for their exceptional properties.  Emerald, green tourmaline, chrysoprase, aquamarine, malachite, and jade are just a few examples of precious and semi-precious stones that can be found in green.

Emerald is a stone associated with prosperity, restoration and harmony.  It symbolizes loyalty, spirituality, wisdom and wealth.  This stone radiates the energy of love, compassion and joy, high spiritual growth and has healing properties for the body and soul.

Green tourmaline feelings of love and spiritual connection with the outside world.  It also improves physical health, nourishes the nervous system and stabilizes mental stability.  In addition, this stone is considered an amulet of good luck and success in business and finance.

Chrysoprase is associated with truth, wisdom and prosperity.  He also considers the stone of the heart and the great development of feelings of love and compassion.  This stone strengthens spirituality, helps to make the right decisions and overcome life's dangers.  He considers it a stone of spiritual and financial abundance, which helps to use favorable opportunities and achievements in life.

Aquamarine is associated with peace, harmony and purity.  It is with the sea and the sky, and its color is reminiscent of the infinity and serenity of these spaces.  considered a stone of calmness, which helps to relieve tension and fatigue, reduce anxiety and fear.

Malachite - symbolizes health and well-being, wins intuition, helps in spiritual development, calms and reduces stress levels.

Jade - considers a symbol of immortality and longevity, personifies health, wealth and happiness, and also symbolizes growth and vitality.

Green stones are not only beautiful, but also have properties that can help a person in various aspects of life.  For example, "green stones" can help with unexpected desires and replenish your bright, positive energy.

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