From the craftman's hand right to your home

Our work process resembles a constructor, you can choose onlу the steps you find necessary

Selecting gemstone

We will help you select one out of 200+ options from the catalog or we will find a gem specifically for you


We will offer you gems with certificates or we will refer you to a professional lab that fits your request


We will come up with a design and make a piece based on your preferences


We will ship the gem or a jewelry piece you chose right to you

Shipping and payment

Personal offers

We will select the best option and help you save some money

Shipping to the USA and around the world

We will carefully deliver it to anywhere you live

100% prepaid

We will offer the most satisfying delivery option, so that you could be sure your piece is safe and sound

Didn't find the one you were looking for?

Send us a request for a personalized selection of the gemstone and we'll contact you soon for more details