The Rare Star Ruby – value, meaning, rarity

In the world of gems, there are several amazing treasures that attract the eye and the imagination with their subtlety and rarity.  One such gemstone is the star ruby.  This rare stone draws attention with its luminosity and symbolic meaning.  In this article, we will consider the features of the star ruby, its rarity.

Star ruby ​​properties

Star ruby ​​is a closely related mineral of corundum, which is a variation of corundum with chromium added to give it a red color.  It differs from the usual presence of a "star" effect on rubies.  This effect is achieved due to the internal feature of the stone, consisting of inclusions that form a six-pointed star on the surface of the ruby.

But the star ruby ​​has not only a unique beauty and the “star” effect, but also a number of special properties that make it even more attractive and interesting.  Here are some of them:

  1. Color: The star ruby ​​has a red color associated with the presence of chromium in its limitation.  Pure red star rubies are considered the most valuable and coveted.  However, there is also a shade from pink to dark red.
  2. Grinding and Absorption: A well polished star ruby ​​with a high level of transmission and higher consumption include higher prices.  Due to their hardness (9 points on the Mohs scale), rubies lend themselves well to processing and polishing, which allows them to create stones with excellent transparency and brilliance.
  3. Size: Star rubies come in a variety of sizes, but large stones with a bright star are rare and especially valuable. 
  4. Hardness and durability: Star ruby ​​has high hardness, which makes it durable and resistant to damage.  This allows it to be used in jewelry to create its stable and closed jewelry.

Star ruby ​​price

The value of a star ruby ​​is determined not only by its beauty and aesthetic qualities, but also by its rarity.  Star rubies that show a bright star on their surface are very rare and exceptional.  This is because in order to create the star effect, inclusions must be rapidly distributed in the stone, and they form a perfect six-pointed star in Ireland.

The approximate price of a star ruby ​​may be repeated, in contrast to its dependence on quality and characteristics.  Please be aware that gemstone prices fluctuate over time and differ between different markets and different markets.  The following are indicative price ranges for various sizes of star rubies:

  • Small star ruby ​​(less than 1 carat): several hundred to several thousand US dollars.
  • Medium Star Ruby (1 to 3 carats): A few thousand to the next thousand US dollars.
  • Large Star Ruby (more than 3 carats): from the date of occurrence of thousands to hundreds of thousands of US dollars and more.

However, it is worth noting that for particularly rare and exceptional stellar rubies, especially those with larger sizes, the price can greatly increase ranges and reach millions.

Location of the star ruby

Star rubies are commonly mined in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka and Thailand.  Myanmar is the most famous source of star rubies with the highest quality pieces.  However, finding the perfect star ruby ​​with a bright and clear star is always a big challenge for gemstone miners.

The value of a star ruby ​​depends on several factors, including its size, color, transparency, and the brightness of the star.  Larger, richer, and brighter stellar rubies are generally valued higher.  They are an object of desire for collectors and investors, and are also used in jewelry to create unique and luxurious jewelry.

Symbolic meaning

The meaning of the star ruby ​​is also associated with its symbolic meaning and mystical properties.  In many cultures, the ruby ​​is considered a stone of passion, energy and strength.  Its bright red color is associated with fire and vitality.  Ruby with a star symbolizes good luck, protection and prosperity.  It is worn as an amulet to attract good luck and ward off negative energies.

Due to their rarity and value, star rubies are often traded at auctions and specialty gem markets.  Some rare and exceptional examples of stellar rubies reach incredibly high prices, turning into real investment assets.

One of the most famous and expensive star rubies is the "Pink Star" - a ruby ​​weighing 59.6 carats with a perfect star and a rich pink color.  This stone was sold at auction for a huge amount and is considered one of the rarest and most precious rubies in the world.

In conclusion, the star ruby ​​is a gemstone that has special properties and symbolic meaning.  Its rarity, beauty and unique star effect make it one of the most coveted and valuable gems in the world.  Owning a star ruby ​​is an expression of luxury, status and magnificence, and its presence in jewelry gives it a unique charm and appeal.

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