Color change of sapphire compared to alexandrite

Sapphire and alexandrite are two beautiful gemstones that have the ability to change their color in different lighting conditions.  However, they differ in many aspects, including their chemical composition, origin, and color properties.

Sapphire, whose chemical formula is Al2O3 (corundum), is one of the varieties of corundum.  It is known for its blue color but can also be presented in other hues such as yellow, pink, green and purple.  The color of a sapphire is determined by impurities such as iron and titanium found in its structure.  Some sapphires may also exhibit the phenomenon of star effect, where a star-shaped pattern appears on the surface of the stone in natural light.

Alexandrite, with the chemical formula BeAl2O4, is a variety of chrusolite.  It is known for its ability to change color from green in natural light to red or purple in artificial light.  This effect, called the "Alexandrite effect", is caused by the presence of chromium in its structure.  Alexandrites are considered especially rare and valuable because of their ability to change color.

Comparison in color change of sapphire and alexandrite

  • Color Range

Sapphire comes in a variety of hues, but its primary color is usually blue.  Alexandrite changes its color from green to red or purple, depending on the lighting conditions.

  • Nature of color change

In sapphire, the color change is due to impurities in its structure, while in alexandrite, the color change is due to the interaction of light with chromium.

  • Color change intensity

With alexandrite, the color change is usually more noticeable and dramatic.  When changing from natural to artificial lighting, alexandrite can change from a bright green color to a rich red or purple color.  This contrast in color makes alexandrite especially surprising and attractive to collectors and jewelers.

  • Rarity and value

Both stones, sapphire and alexandrite, are rare and valuable because of their ability to change color.  However, alexandrite is considered even rarer and more precious due to its unique color variation and limited availability on the market.  This makes alexandrites especially valuable for collecting and decoration.

Overall, sapphire and alexandrite are two fantastic stones that have the ability to change color.  Sapphire is known for its variety of shades, while alexandrite impresses with its bright and contrasting transition from green to red or purple.  Each of these stones has its own uniqueness and appeal, and they are a great addition to a collection's gemstones or jewelry.

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