What is tourmaline? It’s value and uniqueness

Tourmaline is one of the most incredibly beautiful gemstones that has become a noticeable and significant gem on the market for the last few decades. The following article will tell you about this mineral, how tourmaline prices are determined, what colors and varieties it comes in, and will also help you to figure out which type of  tourmaline is right for you.

The pricing of tourmaline

Tourmaline prices vary greatly depending  on the variety and quality of its characteristics. It may be an ordinary stone, but it can also be a very rare one with a price that may reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After the discovery of tourmaline in Brazil in the 1980s, interest in this gemstone began to grow because the mineral demonstrated striking colors.

Due to its structure, tourmalines have a wide range of colors: black, brown, red, green, blue, pink, yellow and even colorless.

Tourmaline has recently taken a  special place on the gemstone market thanks to its top characteristics: its high hardness; strong luster; and most importantly, the beauty and dazzling range of colors.

Varieties of tourmaline

Lagoon tourmaline from a deposit in Afghanistan is highly valued. It has a delicate bluish-green hue that is quite rare.

The most valuable varieties of tourmaline also include red and pink tourmalines (rubilites). These stones have a red neon coloring. Rubilites with rich purple-red and pink colors are considered the most rare and the most valuable.

In addition to the above-mentioned minerals with one color, there are polychrome, multicolor tourmalines. This variety shows  two, three, or even more colors in the same crystal.  For example, color zones may be located across the main axis of the crystal, or they may form concentric layers in transverse slices of the crystal. When a red crystal has a green overgrowth it is called a «watermelon tourmaline”, because their colors resemble the rind and flesh of that fruit. 

In every group of gemstones there are the most  valuable species. Among tourmalines, there is the tourmaline paraiba. Because of its rarity and beauty, the best specimens can compete in value even with diamonds.

Paraiba Tourmaline

This tourmaline got  its name from the Brazilian state of Paraíba, where in 1988 the first discoveries of this mineral were made.

Many people began describing them like «electric» and «neon» because the colors were so rich and vibrant. The stone gets the hue due to the content of copper, which is responsible for the blue and green colors, and manganese is «responsible» for the purple hues, which reduce the value but can be eliminated by heat treatment.

Tourmalines mined in Afghanistan and Pakistan may be similar in color to Paraiba, but they do not contain copper.

This is the color that many people dream of

Celebrities love to show up  on the red carpet wearing Paraiba tourmaline jewelry.

Due to its incredible rarity and unique color, Paraiba tourmaline can cost several times more than a diamond and other precious stones. The demand for these tourmalines is enormous, but the supply is limited because at the moment the mining  sites have almost dried up.

The “Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba” is a brilliant-cut oval-shaped stone that weighs in at 191.87 carats. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized this huge Paraiba tourmaline as the largest of its kind. A necklace with this giant gemstone has a value of several million dollars.

Buying tourmaline is a good investment

Nowadays, certain types of tourmalines with the top characteristics are valued on the gemstone market, and their price is only growing. The popularity of this gem is going up  tremendously, and interest in these amazing stones increases every year. People's desire to buy a unique tourmaline paraiba is huge, but the supply is limited. Due to the fact that this mineral is almost nonexistent in nature, the cost of the best pieces of Brazilian origin can now reach $ 60,000 per 1 carat.

Over the past two years, tourmaline prices have increased about 2-5 times (depending on the type of tourmaline). If two years ago, you could buy paraiba tourmaline for $400 per carat, now it is $1,500 per carat and more. So we can be sure that due to increasing demand and scarcity in the market, the price will only go up. So this purchase can certainly be called as a good investment.

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