White sapphire - the value, rarity and value of this stone

Sapphires are mostly known as blue stones, but there are also white ones, they are unusual in nature, they are often confused with a diamond, but there are huge differences between them.  However, white sapphires have incredible beauty and charm.  In this article, we will look at all the advantages of white sapphire, as well as compare with other stones.

A short story about white sapphire

White sapphire, also known as leuco sapphire, is one of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world.  Its beauty and uniqueness attract the attention of people from all over the world.

Its history is closely connected with natural formation.  As a result of deep geological processes, when volcanic lava cools and crystallizes, white sapphire is formed. The stone has exceptional transparency and brilliance, which is comparable to a diamond.  Characteristics such as hardness and strength make it ideal for fine jewelry.  It is often used to create jewelry of various shapes and sizes, including rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

White sapphire has not only aesthetic value, but also symbolic meaning.  It is associated with purity, innocence and infinity.  In some cultures, it is believed to attract good luck, strengthen spirituality, and promote harmony in relationships.

White sapphire and diamond

These are two famous and popular stones.  Both have their own unique characteristics and attract the attention of jewelers and buyers.

White sapphire, as its name suggests, has a white hue.  A diamond can be colorless (very clear) or have a slight tint (such as yellow or brown).  However, clear and colorless diamonds are considered the most valuable.

Diamond is the hardest known material, scoring 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.  White sapphire has a slightly lower hardness and is rated at 9 points.  The hardness of a diamond makes it more resistant to scratches and damage.

Both stones have a great brilliance, but their brilliance has some differences.  A diamond is known for its "fire" - the ability to decompose light into different color shades.  White sapphire has a luster, but its light refraction characteristics are slightly different.

It is well known that diamonds are one of the most expensive and valuable gemstones.  The price is determined by their size, quality, color and transparency.  White sapphire, while also prized, usually has a more affordable price.

Benefits of white sapphire

This stone has a delicate and pure color that gives it an elegant and sophisticated look.  Transparency and brilliance comparable to a diamond, which allows you to create jewelry with a graceful and luminous appearance.  It is also a rare and valuable stone, unlike diamond, which is quite common, white sapphire is much rarer.  This gives it a special value and appeal to collectors and connoisseurs of precious stones.

It is important to note that white it has a high degree of purity and the absence of impurities.  This makes it ideal for creating flawless and flawless jewelry.  The absence of inclusions or defects in the stone allows the maximum to refract and reflect light, giving a special shine.

It is important that this stone is the most durable of jewelry, after diamonds.  It has high hardness, which makes it more resistant to scratches and damage.  This means that jewelry with this stone promises to be durable.

The symbolic meaning of this stone is associated with purity, innocence and spirituality.  It is considered a symbol of infinity and harmony.  Many people attribute spiritual and healing properties to it, believing that it is able to attract good luck and strengthen peace of mind.

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