History of diamonds. How the first diamond was discovered

We all know that diamonds have been on Earth for a long time, but when exactly was the first discovery of their access made?  And, more importantly, when was it first used to create jewelry?  By tracing the history of diamonds, we can get a better idea of ​​buying jewelry using diamonds.

India - the beginning of the diamond era

Historical evidence that the first diamonds were discovered in India in antiquity.  India is one of the oldest and most significant sources of alcohol in world history.  The exact date of discovery of diamond discoveries is not known, but there are mentions of diamond discoveries in ancient Indian texts such as Chanakya's Arthashastra dating from around the 4th century BC.

Historical records also show that diamonds in India were removed from rivers and streams using the original tools.  India has become one of the producers and traders of diamonds.

How and when diamonds were used as jewelry

Ancient World: In the beginning of civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome, diamonds were used as jewelry.  They were often inserted into jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets.  In these cultures, diamonds symbolized status, wealth, and power.

Middle Ages: In medieval Europe, diamonds were seen in royal and ecclesiastical jewelry.  They adorn crowns, royal scepters and religious reliquaries.  Diamonds during this period were rare and expensive, available only to the elite.

Renaissance and Baroque: Indoors, Renaissance and Baroque became discussed among the aristocracy and wealthy merchants.  Diamonds were seen in large, opulent necklaces, earrings, and brooches adorned with other precious stones.

19th century: In the 19th century, diamonds became more affordable thanks to a new method of mining and polishing.  Diamond jewelry became the interests of the middle class.  The birth of jewelry brands such as Tiffany & Co. is accompanied by their popularization.

Today: Currently, these materials are the most popular and affordable for manufacturing.  They come in rings, earrings, necklaces and more.  And they became a symbol of luxury, love and prestige.

The evolution of the diamond in the world

The diamond has a rich evolution in the world, which reveals its mining, processing, trade and use in jewelry.

Mining and early trading

India was the first source of diamond sounds in history.  With the ancient Indians mined and traded diamonds.  Diamonds from India traveled along trade routes and ended up in the hands of other civilizations such as Egypt and Rome.  Over the centuries, they became useful for trade and were in demand for rare and precious stones.

Development of processing technologies

With the possible processing technologies such as grinding and cutting, in the 17th and 18th centuries, stones began to take on a more brilliant and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The introduction of different cuts, such as the brilliant cut with its characteristic facets, brings out the brilliance and fiery diamonds to the maximum.

Booty in the southern trails

In the late 19th century, rich diamond deposits were discovered in Southern Europe, especially in the Kimberley region.  This was brought to fruition by the diamond rush and the rapid development of the industry.  Discovery of the birthplace of a significantly modified diamond mining map.

Creation of an international diamond industry

Established De Beers Consolidated Mines in South Africa in 1888, which became a leading player in industry and commerce.  De Beers has a monopoly on mining and control of the diamond industry. Since the first discovery in India in the development of information technology and the discovery of a wide range of diamonds developed in South Africa, diamonds have become one of the most valuable and desirable gemstones. Today they have become a symbol of luxury, beauty and status.  They are used to create magnificent jewelry and play an important role in culture, fashion and the exchange of emotional symbols. Brilliant continues to delight and inspire people from all over the world with its unrivaled beauty, radiance and rich love.

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