How do I take care of my jewelry with gemstones?

Jewelry can make you happy for years!

With proper care, you can pass your jewelry on to the next generation as a family treasure. Proper care for precious jewelry involves not only gentle handling, but also proper storage and regular cleaning.


The jewelry pieces containing gemstones require a special care, as the care and maintenance nuances depend both on the type of gemstone and the characteristics of the specific piece.


So what should be done to keep your jewelry pieces looking their best?


1. Careful Jewelry Storage

Store your jewelry separately from each other so that it won't scratch or chip on contact.

Use a special box, upholstered in a soft cloth, or a small pouch made of suede or velvet. Keep them out of sunlight and away from heaters.


2. Careful daily wear of jewelry

What to avoid when wearing jewelry?

- Temperature difference

Precious stones may not survive temperature extremes as they may crack or even burst. Stones that have been refinished require special attention. It is important to know what method was used to treat the stone properly. For instance, emeralds that have been treated with radiation must be protected from prolonged exposure to light and temperature to prevent discoloration.

- Mechanical damage

Diamonds are considered the hardest material on the planet, but not all jewelry stones are as hard, and some are prone to micro-scratches.  In addition, precious metals framing the stones are prone to deformation. In the course of daily wear, gold, silver and platinum items may become dented and scratched. Rings are the most prone to this, so it is important not to forget to take them off before working with your hands.

When doing heavy physical work or exercising at the gym, it is best to take off your jewelry.


- Direct sunlight

Extended exposure to direct sunlight can cause a color change in stones such as topaz, beryl, amethyst, and others.

-Exposure to chemicals

Avoid contact with objects containing alkali, acid and other chemicals.

It is not only household chemicals, which can be very harmful to jewelry.

But even exposure to skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes can lead to loss of shine, discoloration of the stones or staining. You should also remove jewelry before swimming in chlorinated pools.


3. Proper care

Jewelry care can be divided into



3) professional.


For daily care, it is enough to wipe the items with a soft cloth every time after use. Microfiber, flannel or suede are suitable for this purpose.


Special care should be carried out once every few months and should be chosen according to the type of stone and how it was dressed.


Diamond, ruby, alexandrite


These stones can be restored to clarity by washing them in warm water with soap and a few drops of ammonia. (5-10 drops of ammonia per glass of water). They should then be rinsed in fresh water and dabbed with a cloth.

Diamonds that have had CVD-film applied to them are afraid of the effects of alcohol and strong chemicals. Crack-filled gemstones must not be steam cleaned or ultrasonic cleaned.



To restore luster to your pearls, wash them in a mild soap solution, rinse them thoroughly in clean water, and allow them to dry. You can also use potato starch to scrub your pearls to remove any stains.


Topaz, sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst


A soft brush and a solution based on household detergent will help return the stones to their initial beauty and shine. Afterwards, rinse with clear water. However, this procedure is contraindicated for stones that are set in silver jewelry, as it can have a devastating effect on the surface of the precious metal. Also, crystals that have been waxed or colored by colored oils or polymers must be protected from chemical attack.


Synthetic stones


These crystals are more resistant to chemicals. Ammonia alcohol can be used to clean them.


4. Professional care

You can have your jewelry restored to luster at a jewelry workshop. This procedure is recommended once a year. The jeweler will also advise you on the specialized products that are best suited for your piece of jewelry.


Take good care of your treasure and it will please you for many years!