Diamond mine

Diamonds are an exceptional and rare gift of nature, originating from a limited number of countries, sometimes from only one mine in a given country.  Below is information about some of the most famous diamond mines in the world.  This list is not exhaustive and does not cover all diamond mines or producing countries around the world.

Callara - South Africa

Cullinan Mine - This mine was discovered in 1902 and is considered the most productive diamond mine in history. Many famous diamonds have been found here, including the famous Callaran diamond, which was the largest diamond found in the world at the time of its discovery in 1905 and weighed 3,106 carats. It has been split into several large and small diamonds, the largest of which, the Star of Africa, weighs 530.2 carats. The Kallara mine still produces diamonds and is an important source of economic activity for South Africa.

Diavik - Canada 

Diavik mine was discovered in 2003 and has since become one of the largest diamond producers in the world. The mine consists of several tiers that range in depth from 120 to 350 meters. The diamond deposits mined at Diavik are usually smaller than at some other locations, but the quality of the stones is very high. The most famous is the Diavik Foxfire diamond, found in 2015, weighing 187.7 carats and valued at $10 million.

Argyle - Western Australia 

Argyle Mine - was discovered in 1983 and is the main source of pink and red diamonds in the world. Argyle mine produces diamonds of relatively small size but due to their high quality and unique color they are valued very highly. Diamond mining at the Argyle mine was stopped in 2020 and it is now in the process of being shut down. Some of the most famous diamonds from the Argyle mine are: the Princesses of Argyle, a series of 5 diamonds ranging from 1.6 to 0.71 carats each, for a total weight of 8.01 carats. The price per carat for these diamonds can reach $1 million, "Empress Orosman" weighing 14.11 carats. Its name comes from Orosman Nuridinov, who bought this diamond in 2007 for $20 million, making it the most expensive pink diamond at the time of purchase.

Yubileyny - Russia

Yubileyny was discovered in 1986, and commercial production began in 2002. According to Alrosa, Yubileyny contains over 153 million carats and is one of the largest diamond deposits in the world.

Among the most significant diamonds mined at Jubilee Mine is the "Heart of Jubilee," which weighs 245 carats and was found in 2017. It is one of the largest diamonds mined in Russia. Its value is estimated at several million dollars.

Mirando - Angola

The Mirando diamond mine is located in the Lunda Norte province of Angola. It was discovered in 1995 and is considered one of the largest diamond mines in the world. The mine is estimated to be 90 kilometers by 30 kilometers and contains some of the largest diamonds in the world.

Some of the most famous diamonds mined at the Mirando Mine include:

  • Star Africa: it weighs 3,167 carats and was sold for $35.3 million.
  • Heart of Mirando: a large heart-shaped diamond, weighing 407 carats, found in 2016. Its value is estimated at $20 million.
  • Chime: a 24.78-carat pink diamond found in Mirando that sold for $46 million.

Orapa - Botswana

The Orapa Diamond Mine is located in Botswana and is one of the most productive diamond mines in the world. The Orapa mine was discovered in 1972 and has since produced over 400 million carats. The diamonds produced at the Orapa mine are known for their high purity and value, making them highly sought after in the global jewelry market. The most famous diamonds are: 

  • Star of Orapa: weighing 530 carats and valued at over $20 million. 
  • Lesotho Promis: weighing 603 carats, found in Orapa in 2006.Forty Heart Diamonds: a batch of 40 small heart-shaped diamonds, each weighing 10 to 20 carats, was found in Orapa in 2003.
  • The Orapa diamond: it was mined in 1967 and weighed 132 carats.

Existing diamond mines are gradually depleting and sooner or later will stop producing diamonds. This ensures that in the future diamonds will be just as rare, if not rarer.

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