Rubellite Pair Cushion Shape 33.45 ct.
Rubellite Pair Cushion Shape 33.45 ct. - picture
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Rubellite Pair Cushion Shape 33.45 ct.

33.45 ct.

A pair of natural pink tourmalines is incomparable! Pink and red tourmalines are classics of jewelry art. Known since antiquity, spinel has adorned the regalia of dignitaries and has been used to create true jewelry. The presented pair weighs 33.45 carats. The color of the rubellite is a reddish pink of high saturation. These stones are truly rare and unique. Rubellite will make your look bright, feminine and elegant. We would be happy to work with you to design your custom jewelry with this unique natural diamond.

Color: Pink

Shape: Cushion

Dimensions: 17.4×12.8×10.5 mm 

Dimensions: 17.1×12.8×10 mm 


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