Natural Rubellite 10.67 ct.
Natural Rubellite 10.67 ct. - picture
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Natural Rubellite 10.67 ct.

10.67 ct.
Red, Purple

One of the most valuable varieties of tourmaline also include red and pink tourmalines (rubilites). These stones have a red neon coloring. Rubilites with rich purple-red and pink colors are considered the most rare and the most valuable. Its incredible and unique deep color and large size of 10,67 carats makes this stone a true work of art. Jewelry with this gemstone can be compared to the jewelry of royal families, which are handed down from generation to generation. Feel like royalty and create jewelry with natural rubellite. We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with a unique natural gemstone.

Dimensions: 14.0*13.7mm 

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