Natural Pink Rubellite 10.98 ct.
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Natural Pink Rubellite 10.98 ct.

10.98 ct.
Pink, Purple

Natural rubellite tourmaline with a beautiful bright color can be the center stone in your jewelry. You'll undoubtedly feel 100% confident once you put on this pink tourmaline ring, which is the defining characteristic of the Barbiecore trend. And the diamonds on the sides will add more brilliance and luxury to your look. With your pink or non-pink clothes, you can rely on a sparkler this lovely to work wonders on any occasion. Rubellite will look elegant in any type of jewelry. Create a jewelry piece with a custom design that will delight you with its brilliance for years to come. We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with a unique natural stone.

Dimensions: 16.11*11.81*8.76 mm

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