Unheated Sapphire 3.05 ct.
Unheated Sapphire 3.05 ct. - picture

Unheated Sapphire 3.05 ct.

3.05 ct.

Introducing a rare and exquisite unheated sapphire, delicately shaped into the symbol of love – a heart. This unique gem radiates a vivid and natural hue, capturing the essence of elegance and romance. Its enchanting blue tones evoke a sense of timeless beauty, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a symbol of true and enduring love. Set in a finely crafted piece of jewelry, this unheated sapphire heart becomes a heartfelt expression, perfect for commemorating special occasions or celebrating the love that binds hearts together. Allow this precious gem to narrate your love story with its captivating charm and distinctive shape.


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