Unheated Sapphire Heart 2.11 ct.
Unheated Sapphire Heart 2.11 ct. - picture
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Unheated Sapphire Heart 2.11 ct.

2.11 ct.

The one-of-a-kind blue sapphire 2.11 carat has unique properties and a unique appearance. Unheated sapphires mean the sapphire is natural and it has not been enhanced by any form of heat treatment or any other treatment. It can be the perfect gemstone for your  jewelry. A heart cut sapphire is the literal embodiment of love.  This stunning gemstone can be used for making Engagement or Wedding ring and customized jewelry. We would be happy to work with you to design your custom jewelry with this unique genuine stone. 

Shape: Heart

Dimensions: 7.9*7.2*5.4 mm

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