Lot of Unheated Sapphire
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Lot of Unheated Sapphire

Pear, Cushion, Heart
Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Violet, Purple

Excellent lot of unheated sapphires in different colors and cuts, such as trillion, heart, cushion, and pear.

Unheated sapphires are considered to be rare and valuable, and are often prized for their natural beauty and authenticity. With these precious stones we can create fine jewelry for you such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. For sale by the lot only.



1. 0.84ct. 5.1x4.9mm 

2. 0.64ct. 4.9x4.7mm 

3. 0.44ct. 5.0x4.8mm 

4. 0.60ct. 5.2x4.8mm 

5. 0.40ct. 4.8x4.5mm 

6. 0.98ct. 5.5x5.5mm 

7. 0.79ct. 5.4x5.2mm 

8. 0.80ct. 8.3x4.6mm 

9. 0.63ct. 6.0x5.0mm 

10. 0.74ct. 6.8x4.7mm 

11. 0.88ct. 7.5x4.9mm 

12. 0.83ct. 6.0x4.7mm 

13. 0.86ct. 5.5x5.3mm 

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