Tanzanite pair 18.64 ct.
Tanzanite pair 18.64 ct. - picture
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Tanzanite pair 18.64 ct.

18.64 ct.

If you are looking for beautiful stones for earrings, this set of two tanzanites may be a real find for you, because of the careful pairing of colors and the proportions of the stones in the cut. The weight of these stones is 18.64 carats, a weight that is rare for natural tanzanites. These gemstones have a deep, rich blue color with a hint of violet. In this coloration, tanzanites resemble sapphires, which can also be deep blue with an additional violet tint. We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with a unique natural gemstone.

Shape: Oval

Dimensions: 14.37×11.68×8.21mm

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