Unheated Sapphire Pair 2.50 ct.
Unheated Sapphire Pair 2.50 ct. - picture
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Unheated Sapphire Pair 2.50 ct.

2.50 ct.

A pair of unheated sapphires, cut in the elegant emerald shape, offers a timeless allure ideal for creating exquisite earrings. With their natural beauty untouched by heat treatment, these sapphires exhibit a pure and vibrant coloration that captivates the eye. The emerald cut accentuates the sapphires' clarity and brilliance, while their matching size and shape ensure harmonious symmetry in any jewelry design. Whether set in classic studs or dangling drops, these unheated sapphire pairs promise to adorn the wearer with understated elegance and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for any occasion.

Dimensions: 7.0x5.0 mm

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