Neon Paraiba Tourmaline 8.38 ct.
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Neon Paraiba Tourmaline 8.38 ct.

8.38 ct.

​​Neon blue Paraiba tourmaline is the most valuable color. A color that mesmerizes the eye. The color that many people dream of. Unfortunately there will soon be no such unusually beautiful tourmaline left in nature, which makes it even more valuable. Jewelry with Neon Paraiba Tourmaline of such a large size (8.38ct.)  will become your family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. Create a jewelry piece with a custom design that will delight you with its brilliance for years to come.  We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with a unique genuine gemstone.

Dimensions: 11.15*14.48*7.38 mm

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