Magen David Pendant 0.72 ct.
Magen David Pendant 0.72 ct. - picture
Magen David Pendant 0.72 ct. - picture
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Magen David Pendant 0.72 ct.

~ $2,300
gold 18k

Introducing a captivating 18k gold Magen David pendant. This symbolic piece features diamonds at every intersection, totaling 0.72 ct., adding a touch of brilliance to the sacred symbol. The intricate design reflects both elegance and spirituality, making it a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection. Embrace the timeless beauty and profound meaning of the Magen David with this exquisite gold pendant, adorned with sparkling diamonds at its every intersection.

This jewelry was sold to in January, 2024. Each of our jewelry piece is unique, but we can manufacture similar especially for you.

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