Why Kantor Jewelry?

We turn your design ideas into jewelry! Kantor Jewelry is an Israeli jewelry company that creates unique bespoke jewelry with natural gemstones.

Why is it better to buy jewelry with precious stones from Israel than to buy it from the USA?

- Israel’s huge production potential

The Israel Diamond Exchange is the world's largest center for the sale of diamonds. The exchange has hundreds of dealers, around which a huge number of jewelry productions are formed. They use the most modern computer technology, which can reduce production costs by up to 30%.

Israeli technological achievements, such as lasers for diamondcutting, roughing machines, automatic grinding machines and computer-aided design systems are used today all over the world diamond industry. In Israel, the Sarine artificial intelligence is used to evaluate the cut. Sarine scans the diamond and then designs the most advantageous cuts. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, it is much easier and faster to intelligently cut a diamond.

Also worth noting is the highly developed infrastructure, complemented by a developed system of purchasing and selling diamonds, as well as the close relationship between the leadership and the diamond community in Israel and the full state support for the diamond business.

All these factors will allow the Israeli diamond industry in the long term to maintain a huge production potential and leading positions in the global diamond business.

All this together creates a situation where the price of diamonds in Israel is lower. Israel Diamond Exchange is about saving money and improving quality.

-    The price of U.S. jewelers' work is more expensive.

In Israel, thanks to the introduction of modern technical and technological advances in the lapidary sector, a high level of productivity and product quality is ensured. Whereas in the USA, jewelers need to run a huge amount of equipment for each cycle to create jewelry, which makes the process of creating jewelry more labor-intensive.

Modern Israeli equipment speeds up these processes while reducing the cost of production. Therefore, the prices of U.S. jewelers' work are much more expensive.

-    Deliveries from Israel are not tax-deductible

The diamond industry in Israel is considered to be economically important and has tax advantages.

There is a tax treaty between Israel and the USA that any goods (not just jewelry) made in Israel are not taxed in the USA. The buyer does NOT have to pay state tax. Therefore, when purchasing goods from Israel, the buyer does not have to pay any taxes at all, and this also includes tax free shipping.

All of this together creates a situation in which the price of diamonds in Israel is much lower.

Based on the above factors, we can conclude that buying jewelry abroad will be more profitable for you. However, there are many times fewer jewelry companies that make custom jewelry than there are regular jewelry stores.

Our team at Kantor Jewelry is happy to assist you in purchasing your treasure on more favorable terms. We are gem hunting, which means we look for the best deals on the global gem market for our customers. From your design idea, considering all your wishes and your budget we will make your precious dream come true.

We will do everything to make the buying process as comfortable and safe for you as possible.