Tourmaline 8.05 ct.
Tourmaline 8.05 ct. - picture

Tourmaline 8.05 ct.

8.05 ct.

Embark on a journey of vivid hues with this captivating 8.05-carat oval-shaped tourmaline. A harmonious dance of colors unfolds as the gem showcases an intriguing combination of pink within its vibrant orange embrace. The play of these contrasting tones adds an extra layer of fascination to this unique tourmaline. With its sizable 8.05-carat weight and distinctive oval shape, this gem offers a canvas for creativity in jewelry design. Imagine a statement ring, pendant, or earrings where the enchanting colors of this tourmaline steal the spotlight, making a bold yet elegant statement.

Shape: Oval

Dimensions: 13.16x11.10x8.53 mm

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