Santa Maria Aquamarine Pair 6.67 ct.
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Santa Maria Aquamarine Pair 6.67 ct.

6.67 ct.

One of the rarest and most expensive varieties of aquamarine are gemstones with a deeply saturated blue color known as "Santa Maria." The stone got its name for its color: from the Latin "aqua marina" - sea water, which is a true description of the color of the mineral.This pair of heart-shaped aquamarines is perfect for creating a unique pair of stud earrings. Its high hardness makes it possible to use aquamarine in different kinds of jewelry without worrying about its durability, so let your imagination run wild, and we will help make your idea come true. Jewelry with an incredibly beautiful and large natural aquamarine will complement any look and will make it more elegant. Create a jewelry piece with a custom design that will delight you with its brilliance for years to come. We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with a unique natural gemstone.

Dimensions: 10*10 mm

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