Unheated Sapphires Ring Set 4.35 ct.
Unheated Sapphires Ring Set 4.35 ct. - picture

Unheated Sapphires Ring Set 4.35 ct.

4.35 ct.
Oval, Heart
Pink, Blue, Violet

Tenderness. Femininity. Beauty. These are the three words that best describe the set of these three beautiful sapphires. A set of unheated sapphires with a light pink sapphire in an oval shape, accompanied by two heart-shaped sapphires in light blue and light purple hues, would indeed create a wonderfully feminine and tender piece of jewelry.The delicate colors and romantic shapes of the stones would evoke a sense of elegance and grace. Let your imagination run wild and create a unique and delicate piece of jewelry. 

Shape: Oval & Heart

Dimensions: 8.5×6.5 and 7.5×6.0 mm

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