Pink Sapphire 2.14 ct.
Pink Sapphire 2.14 ct. - picture

Pink Sapphire 2.14 ct.

2.14 ct.

A pink sapphire in an octagon shape is a stunning gemstone that exudes elegance and allure. Its vivid pink hue instantly captures the eye, evoking feelings of romance and sophistication. The octagon shape adds a unique twist to its appearance, with its clean lines and geometric symmetry enhancing the gem's inherent beauty. Whether set in a ring, pendant, or earrings, the octagon pink sapphire adds a pop of color and personality to any piece of jewelry. In addition to its beauty, the pink sapphire carries symbolic meaning, representing love, compassion, and creativity.

Shape: Octagon

Dimensions: 8.32x5.54x4.41 mm 

Treatment: Unheated 

Origin: Sri Lanka 


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