Heated Sapphire 4.14 ct.
Heated Sapphire 4.14 ct. - picture

Heated Sapphire 4.14 ct.

4.14 ct.
Yellow, Orange

Presenting a heated sapphire in emerald-cut , exhibiting a resplendent yellow hue. This gemstone, having undergone a controlled heating process, emanates a distinct charm and allure. Its refined shape and vivid coloration render it a coveted choice for jewelry connoisseurs. Ideal for those seeking a sophisticated yet vibrant addition to their collection, this emerald-shaped yellow sapphire exudes timeless elegance and refinement. We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with a unique natural gemstone.

Shape: Emerald

Dimensions: 9.35*8.05*5.97 mm

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