Fancy Yellow Diamonds Pair 1.52 ct. & 1.51 ct.
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Fancy Yellow Diamonds Pair 1.52 ct. & 1.51 ct.

1.52 ct. & 1.51 ct.

Introducing an exquisite Fancy Yellow Diamonds Pair, each expertly cut in a radiant shape. These diamonds, with a weight of 1.52 ct. and 1.51 ct., showcase a brilliant burst of yellow, radiating warmth and sophistication. The radiant cut enhances the diamonds' natural sparkle, making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate a blend of elegance and vibrancy. Elevate your jewelry collection with this unique pair, a testament to the exceptional beauty and craftsmanship of fancy yellow diamonds in a radiant cut. We will be glad to work with you to create a custom jewelry piece with unique natural gemstones.

Color: Fancy Yellow

1.52 ct.

Dimensions: 7.04×5.62×3.90 mm

Clarity: Si1 

Polish: Exellent

Symmetry: Very Good 

Fluorescence: None


1.51 ct.

Dimensions: 7.14×5.55×3.85 mm

Clarity: Si1 

Polish: Exellent

Symmetry: Very Good 

Fluorescence: None

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