Emerald Set in Vivid green color 3.39 ct. & 2.20 ct.

3.39 ct. & 2.20 ct.

An attractive trio of precious emeralds in Vivid green! The stones are precisely matched in hue and shape, perfect for a piece set! A Vivid Green Emerald refers to the Vivid Saturation in the Emerald making it bright, beautiful, and bold and gives it the ability to reflect light & have scintillating luster regardless of the light source it is viewed under. We would be happy to work with you to design your custom jewelry with these unique genuine stones.  

Color: Vivid Green

Origin: Colombia

Pair 3.29 ct. 

Dimensions: 9.9*6.6*5.3 mm

Dimensions: 10*6.5*4.5 mm


Single Gemstone 2.20 ct. 

Dimensions: 10.7*7.3*5.7 mm

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