We will bring your wildest ideas to life and create a unique jewelry piece based on your request

Custom-made jewelry

Despite how thoroughly crafted a jewelry collection can be, it can’t satisfy all preferences. We understood that and changed our strategy.

Partnering with a client helps to make the “win-win” system work. You get a piece that fully embodies your perfect jewelry image, we only create what our clients need.
Whether you want to treat yourself with a unique piece or you are looking for a perfect engagement ring - we will do everything in our power to hear “This is exactly what I dreamed of!” from you.
We are not trying to read your mind, we are just asking what you want
Our clients get their designs as a gift
We know that first you need to visualize the piece before deciding to order it. That’s why we don’t charge our clients that bought gemstones from us for their designs.

In 2-3 days you will receive a picture of your future jewelry piece and be able to look at it from all angles.
Treat yourself with a piece made for you
Orders of any sophistication
From neat stud-earrings up to an exquisite necklace - our designers will create any piece to satisfy you.
Inimitable gemstone quality
We work with the best samples of the jewelry world, thoroughly select each and every one of them, evaluating them by many characteristics, so that you could confidently say that you are wearing a true jewelry gem.
High working speed
We know that you can’t wait to get your perfect piece. That’s why we optimized all the steps of the process: from order processing up to shipping off the piece, so you could hold it in your hands as soon as possible.
Partnering at every step
We take all the preferences into consideration and pay attention to any ideas at every step: from creating a unique personal design up to bringing it to life as a jewelry piece, so that you could rightfully call yourself the creator of your piece.

Your desires are limited only with your imagination

Don’t have any ideas? We’ll share a few with you

Your desires are limited only with your imagination

Don’t have any ideas? We’ll share a few with you

We love creativity!
It’s always fun to work with unusual ideas, hence that, if you want to make an extraordinary piece - contact us. We will discuss all the details and maybe offer you to create the design for free.

With that we are enlarging our jewelry catalogue with creative pieces and working towards having more interesting and high-quality jewelry.
Making the jewelry piece
Every project begins with clearing the goals. Whether you are choosing an everyday wear or a special occasion one, want to make an investment or create an original jewelry piece that will become an heirloom - we will consider your needs to offer you the best deal.
Our craftsmen will create a piece of any complexity from jewelry to simple mounding. Experienced narrow focused specialists of our team can guarantee the highest quality of the jewelry that can compete with the work of famous jewelers.
Working process
Calculating the price
The precious gemstone forms the root of the price. But besides that, there are a lot of other factors that will influence the crafting price: the complexity of jeweler’s and designer’s work, the precious metal type, using small gemstones for sprinkling, the setting type.

Changing and combining all of that will help us create a piece that represents perfection for you and fit the budget.
Selecting the gemstone
Gemstone is the central element that orchestrates the entire piece. It’s up to the jeweler to create a piece that will highlight and bring out the natural beauty of the precious mineral.

In our catalogue, we only have gemstones with the highest grades of physical and optical characteristics, along with the perfect quality of the cut. You can choose out of the ones we have in-stock or tell us what you want, so we could select something special for you.
Creating the design
We are ready to create the unique design on our own or partner with you - it depends on how deep you want to get with the process. In any case, we will take everything into consideration, check your physical features and your taste, and create the piece that can become a gem of any collection.
The best moment is now
Send us a request with a detailed description of what you want and we will contact you

Precious gemstones

We have collected the best gemstones that bring out the true beauty of the natural mineral and meet the highest standarts of the cut, clarity and color, so that you could choose the one that is the best for you

Finest jewelry

Choose one of the crafted jewelry pieces from the catalog to get it today
We've got more
than custom jewelry
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