Ring with tourmaline 6.82 carats and diamonds
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Ring with tourmaline 6.82 carats and diamonds

~ $8,000
18 ct. White Gold

A simple and elegant tourmaline ring that stands out with a unique stone of unusual color. If you want something bright and unique, this is the ring for you. This color stone looks great on the hand, and the diamonds that are studded on the sides only accentuate the beauty of the ring. The pink tourmaline attracts the eye with its bright pink color and its impressive size of 6.82 carats.
This ring symbolizes femininity and luxury.

Color: Vivid Pink

Shape: Square Cushion

Dimensions: 10.69 x 10.68 x 8.83 mm.

Origin: Afghanistan 

Certificate: GFCO

This jewelry was sold to Elina in January, 2023. Each of our jewelry piece is unique, but we can manufacture similar especially for you.
January 10, 2023
My favorite color! Very pretty and fits perfectly with my other jewelry. Now I want a bigger pebble, but the color stays the same. Pink is my love!

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