Stud Earrings with 0.65 ct. Sapphires set with diamonds
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Stud Earrings with 0.65 ct. Sapphires set with diamonds

~ $2,500
18 ct. Gold
0,65 carats

Beautiful stud earrings with sapphires - a truly royal gift! The earrings are comfortable and lightweight, with a perfect fit on the ears. The owner of such stud earrings draws the eyes of others due to the deep color of sapphires. Sapphire is a stone of fidelity and chastity, a talisman of love. These stud earrings are perfect for every day and special occasions.

Color: Royal blue 

Shape: Round

This jewelry was sold to Abigail in August, 2021. Each of our jewelry piece is unique, but we can manufacture similar especially for you.
August 07, 2021
I love the earrings and the color! I'm so glad the sapphires are natural, it's some special feeling - they've been growing for so long somewhere in the bowels of the earth. Amazing! Thank you so much!

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