Barbie dream jewelry

Are you also noticing the pink color trend lately? The Barbie movie certainly introduced the pink boom. If you are a Barbie fan, we give you the opportunity to create Barbie jewelry with genuine gemstones! Make your childhood dream come true!

«Come on, Barbie, let’s go party!»

Try pink gemstone jewelry designed in a Barbie style, if you want a more subtle way to incorporate her aesthetic into your appearance. No matter if you want to express your inner Barbie or just look cute, it would be the ideal summer accessory. Plus, it's a simple way to give any outfit a joyful pop.

Pink Gemstones Finds To Rock The Barbiecore Trend:


The color range of pink sapphires differs in the intensity of the base shade: from light with a pinkish tint, to intense. The rarest among them is the pink-colored stone called "Padparadscha".

You can give freedom to your imagination and create any kind of jewelry with these beautiful stones. You can even take as a basis the jewelry of a Barbie doll you had as a child!

Unheated Padparadscha Sapphire 2.50 ct.


Natural Vivid Pink Sapphire 3.30 ct.

Padparadscha Sapphire 2.04 ct.


In a world run by Barbiecore, self-love comes first! And choosing a pink spinel heart pendant is the simplest way to express yourself. You can team this with your pink summer dresses or casual ‘fits to channel the latest Barbie aesthetic.

 Spinel Pendant 

Barbie's life is undoubtedly wonderful, and it will be even more so when you wear this beautiful Heart-shaped Pink Spinel ring on your hand. The elegant pink color is perfect for those who like to be on trend, but is classy and chic in its own way. Complement your light pink dress or blouse with this gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Heart Shaped Spinel Ring

Spinel wins hearts for its rich color palette. In our selection of spinels you can find from delicately pink to a vibrant almost red hue. Choose the shade you like and create your own unique Barbie piece of jewelry.

Red Heart Shape Spinel 1 ct.

Rare Lavander Spinel 4.02 ct.


Purplish Pink Spinel Pair For Earrings


Pinkish Purple Spinel 1.61 ct.

Pink Spinel 2.11 carat


Spinel Pink Jedi Pair 2.85 ct.


You'll undoubtedly feel 100% confident once you put on this pink tourmaline ring, which is the defining characteristic of the Barbiecore trend. And the diamonds on the sides will add more brilliance and luxury to your look. With your pink or non-pink clothes, you can rely on a sparkler this lovely to work wonders on any occasion.

Add this ring and a pink sling purse to your going-out outfits for an Instagram-worthy Barbiecore vibe.

Ring With Tourmaline 6.82 ct. And Diamonds

Among the jewelry varieties of tourmaline, which has a wide range of colors, one of the most popular colors is considered pink. Choose your tourmaline and we will help you create any piece of jewelry with this beautiful pink stone.

Pink Tourmalines Pair 3.41 ct.

Baby Pink Tourmaline Pair 3.81 ct.

Pink diamond 

Pink diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world.

Jewelry with such a diamond will not only help you in creating the image of Barbie but will also emphasize your status. Create a stunning pink diamond ring and complete the look with a pink blazer, pantsuit or jacket. Or enjoy the attention when the diamond ring is complemented with a sequined dress or perhaps a super sparkly dress you've saved for a special occasion.

Pink Diamond 1.01 ct.

If you wanted to look beautiful in pink, unique custom jewelry will surely help you do so. There is no such thing as too much pink. This jewelry will complement any of your looks and make it more feminine. Time to pull out your flirty pink satin dresses and floral patterned blouses for that date you've been waiting for!

Create your Barbie dream jewelry and our Kantor Jewelry team will help design, select a stone and turn your pink dream into a stunning piece of jewelry.