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Gemstone(jewel) certificate:
definition and usefulness
Larion Kantor

Gemstone(jewel) certificate:
definition and usefulness

An independent gemological lab certificate is a special document that guarantees the promised characteristics of the gemstone.

This process is an evaluation of the stone based on the number of criteria that directly affects the one’s price. Nowadays, certificates provide the most trustworthy security and protection from jewel market frauds.

Gemologists use professional equipment that determines exact characteristics of the gem, along with its natural imperfections and artificial treatment methods, with an incredible accuracy during the certifying process.

As a result, the client receives a printed certificate with a unique number that is added to the laboratory’s registry. Via this number you can find the virtual copy of the certificate on the lab’s website. Also, the number gets inscripted on the gem’s rudist that protects the client from fraud. You can see the engravement with a 10x magnification.

What is the difference between a certificate and an expert conclusion?
Diagnostic expert conclusions are issued for uncut natural, treated and artificial gems. This report concludes whether the gem is a natural or an artificial one, determines the jewel’s kind and see what type of treatment is fit for it. Moreover, it contains a detailed description of the cut, shape, weight, size and a picture of the gem. 
Certificate of Conformity is a legal document of an established state standard that is issued by a number of expert laboratories. It determines how the gemstone meets state standards. 

Colored Stone Identification Report is a unified document that is issued by GIA and other international laboratories for colored gemstones(jewels). 

There is a separate document for each kind of diamonds: 

  • Diamond Grading Report for colorless natural adamants
  • Colored Diamond Grading Report for colored natural adamants
  • Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report for lab-grown adamants(electronically issued only). 
How to read the certificate 
Let’s review the form and content of the certificate for colorless diamonds on the example of a notorious lab:

  • Gemological Institute of America. It’s an uncommercial organization, that doesn’t only issue certificates, but also researches the gemstones diagnostics, improves current methods and trains professionals. It has branched to 10 world biggest cities.
  •  GIA certificate is an A4 document, consisting of 3 equal parts. Each certificate gets a unique number that allows it to check its authenticity on the official GiA website. 

Grading consists of evaluating the characteristics of 4Cs:

  • The carat weight 
  • The cut 
  • The color 
  • The clarity 

Each opening holds information and characteristics of the gem: 

  1. General info 
  2. Graphic picture of the gem’s profile and inclusions map
  3. Symbol definition 
When is the certificate necessary 
I recommend buying certified gemstones(jewels) or certifying jewelry pieces made of precious metals before purchase. This is a guarantee of the gemstone meeting the promised characteristics. It’s especially important when buying an investment gemstone. But even in the case of a simple jewelry piece gemstone selection, in which you prioritize the beauty, you should see the certificate that confirms the authenticity of the diamond or any other gemstone. 
Which qualities are the most favorable for purchase
There is no single set of characteristics that would help you choose the right stone. Everything depends on the client's goals and personal preferences. There are totally different standards for an investment gemstone and a jewelry piece one. The supreme quality of all the characteristics will not always speak for absolute beauty.  

It’s important to look at the gemstone itself aside from the certificate because different sets of characteristics give the gem different sparkles and fire. And it’s hard to describe them in words.
That’s why I’m offering you my services in finding the best one that fits your request. In our catalogue you will always find gemstones with certificates issued by labs I fully trust. 

You can also leave a request and we will choose the one for you out of all precious gemstones that are available.
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