K Diamond in Round Shape 2.03 ct.
K Diamond in Round Shape 2.03 ct. - picture

K Diamond in Round Shape 2.03 ct.

2.03 ct.

A K color diamond, with its warm and inviting tone, exudes a unique charm that sets it apart. The K color grade signifies a diamond with a faint yellow tint, adding character and depth to its appearance. When it comes to bespoke jewelry, a round K color diamond offers endless possibilities. It can be showcased as a solitaire in an engagement ring, surrounded by a halo of white diamonds to enhance its brilliance. Alternatively, it can be paired with yellow gold or rose gold settings to complement its warm hue, creating a stunning and distinctive piece that reflects the wearer's unique style and personality.

Dimensions: 8.03 - 8.08 x 5.02 mm

Color: K 

Clarity: VVS1

Cut Grade: Excellent

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent 

Fluorescence: None


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